Our Story

Youth unemployment in Namibia is not a new story. We have known since 2018 that it stands at a staggering 46%. This is a bad thing because it means that almost half of the country’s youthful population cannot make a decent income to support themselves or their dependents. 

On the other side of the world, the labour landscape in Germany is different. Due to various factors, including an aging population, Germany is facing a severe skills shortage, especially in craft and technical occupations. 

One country has a young, trainable youth with no employment; the other has a need for skills. Our two organizations realized that it made sense to match the two challenges and come up with complementary solutions that would address each other’s needs. This was the genesis of German Apprenticeship Connect, a programme that links young Namibians with study and employment opportunities in Germany. 

What makes our programme unique? 

  1. Offers a Namibian government-supported programme, working with certified German government agencies. 
  2. Guarantees peace of mind for parents, aspiring students, and potential employers as well. 
  3. Provides technical and financial support for aspiring students who may not be able to meet programme requirements, subject to set conditions. 
  4. Links students with pre-approved German companies, guaranteeing study and employment security. 
  5. Provides structured support and guidance to aspiring students at absolutely no cost. 
  6. Provides support and follow-up calls to all our young people in Germany. 
  7. Is known and supported by the Namibian Embassy and Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Namibia to the States of Lower Saxony, Saxony, and Saxony-Anhalt, based in Germany. 
  8. Provides free information and publicity about the programme, including a list of approved opportunities (occupations) available. 

If you are a young Namibian interested in studying and establishing your career in Germany, this is the programme for you. Contact us at the NIPDB or Goethe Institut Namibia for more information about these amazing opportunities.

Help Us Grow

We would like to build relationships with companies based in Namibia and Germany.

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