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What is our Mission?

To provide an opportunity for aspiring, determined individuals from Namibia to build a career by acquiring the necessary skills, gaining more knowledge, and further education in Germany. Through this program, we commit to connecting cultures, enhancing professional excellence, and driving economic growth – one apprenticeship at a time.


To establish a vibrant Namibia-Germany apprenticeship partnership that ignites personal growth, cultivates global expertise, and fuels economic prosperity. We aim to set a standard in international cooperation for the development of skills, producing a new generation of skilled, versatile professionals who can succeed in a diverse, interconnected marketplace.

Goal: To facilitate the transfer of specialized skills from German experts to Namibian trainees, with the objective of building a workforce in Namibia that is highly skilled, employable, and responsive to the needs of the job market.

Benefits: This goal would address skills gaps in Namibia while ensuring that apprentices gain valuable expertise and experience from German trainers, making them more competitive in the global job market.

Goal: To foster collaboration in key sectors, such as renewable energy, manufacturing, and technology, by structuring the apprenticeship program to meet the specific needs of these industries and help both countries grow.

Benefits: By focusing on mutually beneficial sectors, both countries can leverage their strengths to promote innovation, stay competitive and support economic growth in those areas. This could also lead to lasting business partnerships and the sharing of technology.

Goal: To encourage a better understanding and sharing of cultures between Namibian and German apprentices by involving them in language learning and cultural activities.

Benefits: The program not only enriches participants with new personal experiences but also helps to strengthen the diplomatic and trade relations between the two countries. Sharing our cultures can lead to strong and lasting friendships and business connections.

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